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本篇文章给大家谈谈长春网站建设翻译,以及长春翻译中心对应的知识点,希望对各位有所帮助,不要忘了收藏本站喔。 本文目录一览: 1、网站建设一般用什么语言开发




























How do I create a web site

To develop an efficient site requires carefully planning. Construction site before the process of understanding all of the progress of the project will be for you to save time and money. Whether it is only a few pages of the site or have hundreds of pages and the complexity of advanced dynamic web site features, and their development are similar.

Web site development is divided into six basic phases: planning, content to start in graphic design, programming, marketing, promotion and maintenance. Different based on your fields of expertise to engage in, you may progress in some stage of the project or need help at some stage. You want the same thinking like an architect: First of all, a good piece of design drawings, which may require the help of an architect; and then to address different tasks to individual contractor employment, or employment, a general contractor.


First of all, be clear who the Web site audience. This is very crucial, because a number of design and content of the determination of all depend on this. This site is for children or for adults? The target audience is the Web site from work, school or family access to the network? Internet connection speed? They would like to receive information or entertainment? From the outset we should make sure that you know the answers to these questions.

For the convenience of visitors, and easy to maintain website, you must be a good Web site organization. Is usually the way to use flow chart, in the series outline map or chart on the board to plan for your site. May consider the use of index cards to indicate the desired page. You can quickly re-arrangement of these websites. Whether you are working alone or with colleagues or experts, which really helps the image to show the structure of the site.

At this stage you want as much time to browse the Web. Serious look at your favorite site. Many sites are designed crown and the name of the company's link to its Web site so that you can also see the development of what was made. If you decided to seek external help, we must ensure that the company has developed a similar scale and scope of the capacity of the site.

Please note that the construction site is a long-term ongoing process. Most of site requires frequent updates, this is because electronic publishing technology enables rapid and relatively cheap. Better planning of the site to simplify the process. There is no need to re-designed Web site will be able to easily add new content and functionality.

Content start

Website content is likely to have both information and contains information that will be created. At this point you may want to have the creative employment of a clerk, or in order to meet the needs of business, employment, a good network of public relations professionals to help you write the company and its products and services inherent characteristics.

There is a class of customer service information. What customers most frequently asked question? If you do not have a list of common questions and answers, please sit down with you alone, or together with your staff to sit down and write one. Then this information posted on website. Customers can access from the site of the answer, the more savings can be letters or answer phone answer the same question of the time spent thinking.

The contents of a supervisor or project manager should take to create the content required to update the text, graphics, responsibilities and procedures, and online content distribution. If the company does not have such experts, you can obtain temporary employment of such help. One-Stop web development company may be able to such services.




What does the website good operation depend on is? Depends on the technology, definitely is not, because the technical development is a relative concept, does not have the durability, lacks the cohesive force, if depends on this merely, cannot maintain the entire website development. The website is actually an enterprise, it is provides to own customer by the different product, namely glances over by the homepage form development for them, lets them by the interactive way participation and so on, therefore the websites must be able to represent the enterprise the image, can transmit an enterprise the profession style, therefore in the color, in the typesetting must even more pay attention.

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